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Harvest an Evergreen Branch

Taking a walk in the woods,

just being outside in nature is such a wonderful feeling.

Winter is now in full swing here in the Northeast. Even thought we may not be

seeing much snow on the ground the cold temperatures are a clear reminder. Most of us have our windows closed and the heat turned on. Our inside air can seem a bit stuffy. I love to bring the outside in all year long. During this time of year you can use the needles of an evergreen branch as a natural air freshener for your home or a healthy cup of tea.

Evergreen Pine Branch

An Evergreen is described as a plant that keeps it leaves all year long. Some common species known as cone-bearing here in the Northeast are pines and firs.

Harvesting your own pine branches is as simple as taking a walk outside in the woods. Find a large patch of small trees and select a branch from several different trees. Remember to only take a small amount of what you see before you. It is always nice to give back and to say thank you. You can leave a bit of your hair for the birds to weave into their nests.

A simple way to benefit from the pine needles that you harvest

is by making an herbal tea.

Steep the pine needles in hot water for about 4 minutes. The needles are high in vitamin C. Add a bit of honey and enjoy anytime.

Natural Pine Air Freshener Ingredients

You can use pine needles along with cranberries, orange slices, and some spices like cinnamon or clove to make an all natural air freshener for your home.

All Natural Winter Crockpot Air Freshener

Ingredients and equipment:

Pine pieces - about 3 sprigs

Cranberries - a handful of either fresh or frozen

Orange - cut in half or in pieces (a small tangerine works fine)

Cinnamon sticks - 1 or 2 broken up

Cloves - about a tablespoon of whole pieces

Small crockpot (plug in type that holds about a cup or two of water)


Add all of the above ingredients into the crockpot. Cover the ingredients with water and plug in. Enjoy the warm scent for a few hours. Unplug and refill the water level back to the top and plug back in the next day. This batch will last for about a week depending on how long you keep it on.

Enjoy your winter months inside by bringing the outside in!

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Mary Lane
Mary Lane
08 de fev. de 2021

Now I wish I had a little crockpot!

Respondendo a

I bet a small pot on the stove would work. Or check Hand in Hand gift shop for a small crockpot.

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