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Needed: Chair(s) for Hydrangea Festival

1 or 2 members needed to coordinate volunteers for the annual Hydrangea Festival

Date of Event: Thursday, July 11 and Friday, July 12 2024

What does this job entail?

  • Collect names of volunteers at May and June monthly meetings

  • Arrange for volunteers to tour gardens on the FGC tour

  • Oversee volunteers on the days of the festival

Chair(s) should have good interpersonal skills and be able to use a computer! Past chairs will guide you through the responsibilities.

Contact: Colleen Giacomozzi at
Rosanne Mili at


Social Media/Website/Newsletter

Social Media


What does this job entail?

Post happenings on FGC Facebook page Open an Instagram account highlighting club activities.


Must like to take photos and be able to post on FB and Instagram


Contact: Colleen Giacomozzi at cgiacomozzi@icloud.comRosanne Mili at

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