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To encourage the study of and interest in gardening and horticulture; To aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources; and To assist in the beautification of Falmouth

The Board of

The Falmouth Garden Club


Executive Officers and Committee Chairs



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officers&committee chairs

Co-Presidents- Colleen Giacomozzi & Rosanne Mili
Co-Vice Presidents- Nancy Baker & Sonia Smith

Corresponding Secretary- Judy Pooley (missing from picture)

Recording Secretary- Heidi DiGiovanni

Treasurer- Jan Munier

Asst. Treasurer- Katherine Waite

































Conservation & Legislation - Kate Connolly

Floral Design - Mary Lane

Historian - Marianne Monacci

Horticulture - Martha Pendergast

HospitalityDale Burgess, Suzanne Buzanoski, Nancy Murphy

Membership - Julie DePalma, Denise Riu

Mentoring - Sue Sargalski

Nominating - Martha Terry

Programs - Nancy Baker, Sonia Smith

Ways and Means - Kate Jackson, Annemarie Lemoyne

Community Collections - Sharon McKinney

Garden Achievement - Paula Taylor
Jr/Sr Gardeners - Katheryn Chasse, Heidi  

Meals on Wheels - Paula Harrington

Scholarships - Marianne Monacci

Service Center Donations - Sue Spears

Carol Sing - Barbara Gachot

Crafty Gardeners - Sharon Devine, Pat Jones, Sally Langlais

Holiday Greens / Wreath Sale - TBD

Library Flowers - Sue Sargalski

Petals & Palettes - Judy Coonley

Wicks House - Nancy Baker

Blue Star Byway - Suzanne Buzanoski

Bus Depot - Sue Spears 

Colonial Garden- Sue Rau

Cupola Garden- Jon Keenan

Herb Garden - Sharon McKinney

Memorial Park - Esther Johnston, David March, Jan Munier, Denise Riu

Walsh Rose Garden - Wendy Blomberg

Member Support & Education

Community Outreach & Beautification

Activities, Events and Fundraising



Newsletter Editor - Becky Mountford

News Blasts - Heidi DiGiovanni

Photography - Ann Worthington
Publicity - Annemarie Lemoyne, Ginny Palmieri

Social Media (FB/Insta) - Annemarie Lemoyne

Website - Carolyn Brzezinski, Karen Dusini

Yearbook - Judy Salter

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