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  • Conservation and Legislation
    Works with local and state organizations on conservation and environmental issues
  • Scholarships
    Identifies and recommends students for scholarships and FGC members for GCFM schools
  • Ways & Means Committee
    In charge of deciding on fundraisers that the club will be involved in each year.
  • Floral Design
    Organizes and runs workshops to teach floral design with emphasis on the elements and principles of design. Assist in the creation of centerpieces for general meetings and special events
  • Meals on Wheels
    Creates tray decorations for Elder Services 4 times a year
  • Programs
    Arranges programs for monthly meetings
  • Horticulture
    Provides horticultural information and judges the Flower of the Month
  • Colonial Garden
    Maintains the Colonial Garden at the Wicks House. Must be available to work Wednesday morning.
  • Memorial Park
    Maintain the memorial park. Must be available Wednesday mornings.
  • Library Flowers
    Provides weekly flowers for the town library
  • Herb Garden
    Maintains the butterfly garden and herb garden. Must be available to work Wednesday mornings.
  • Membership & Mentoring
    Collects yearly dues and keeps membership records. Also works with the mentoring chairman. Greets and guides provisional members through their first year in the garden club
  • Civic Beautification
    Maintains the cupola garden and bus station window boxes
  • Communications
    A group of different committees that support the information that is presented to the the group as well as the public. The groups involved are publicity, website, Facebook and monthly newsletter.
  • Junior/Senior Gardeners
    Members work in a group setting with nursing home residents to complete nature-related projects. Local elementary school children are also involved.


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