Falmouth Garden Club

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Celebrating 90 years of Flowers, Gardens and Community
Falmouth Garden Club Though the Decades   


Colorful Flowers

1931  The first meeting of the Falmouth Garden Club was hosted by Caroline Welch who served water to its 11 founding members.  Dues were $1 and members had to “love growing gardens and flowers” to join.  The club joined the Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts in 1934, an affiliation that continues to provide today’s members with education, support and leadership.


1940   In 1943, a memorial stone was placed by Falmouth Garden Club in Woods Hole, honoring Michael Walsh, who made the rambler rose world famous.  Members planted 34 different species of his rambler roses along Woods Hole Road and still maintain the rose garden there today.


1950   The club received a letter from Senator John F. Kennedy in 1956 acknowledging the club’s support for land preservation and indicating that he and Senator Saltonstall were introducing legislation to protect land surrounding Cape Cod Canal as a national park.  Later, as President, Kennedy would go on to establish the Cape Cod National Seashore.


1960  Through its Outdoor Classroom Junior Gardeners Committee, the club completed the installation of a dock in Morse Pond as an outdoor classroom for local sixth grade science students.  The club continues its commitment to education today by awarding annual scholarships to local high school students and hosts an inter-generational Junior/Senior Gardeners program that connects young and old around a love of gardening.


1970  As a Bicentennial gift to the town, the club began planting what would eventually become known as Memorial Park in 1976. Membership voted to work in and support the park in perpetuity and raised more than $25,000 as an endowment.


1980  The club began a 10-year tradition of making and raffling quilts to raise funds for scholarships and other causes.  During the 1980s, the club made six quilts, each with a different theme and 36 hand embroidered squares.  A 17th Century Herb Garden was the theme used to honor Falmouth’s 300th anniversary in 1986.


1990  Hurricane Bob devastated Memorial Park in 1991, downing trees and leaving debris and “wild onion” to grow untamed.  As a result, the club voted to give up the maintenance of Memorial Park a year later in December 1992.


2000   After 12 years of neglect, and aided by a crew from a local corrections facility, the club began cleaning up Memorial Park.  Using the original landscaping plan from 1976 as a guide, the club embarked on a multi-year restoration plan.  The gardens would be selected as the Historic Gardens of Massachusetts as a result.


2010   The club was honored with a Garden Club Federation of Massachusetts Historic Preservation Certificate for its long-standing tradition of decorating the Wicks House for the Falmouth Historical Society during the holidays.  What began as a $11.25 investment in 1971 has grown to be a much beloved tradition for the town.


2021   In keeping with a long-standing tradition of honoring Arbor Day, the club commemorated its 90th anniversary with a donation to the town’s newly established apple orchard in 2021.  As early as April 1931, just a few weeks after its first meeting, the club planted its first tree in observance of the George Washington bicentennial.

2020 Award Winners

The objectives of the Falmouth Garden Club are “to stimulate an interest in gardening, horticulture, conservation and to actively promote the beautification of Falmouth.” A beautiful garden takes a lot of time and hard work to create and maintain. In recognition of these efforts FGC annually selects noteworthy gardens throughout the Falmouth area to receive a Garden Achievement Award. These awards are given to hands-on home gardeners whose gardens must be visible from the street.


Awarded this year are the 6 lovely gardens below along with 6th award to a local business in recognition of its gardening efforts and its contribution to the beautification of Falmouth streets.