Seedlings in Pots




Indoor Gardening. This is the rest period for indoor plants. Stop regular watering of cacti and most succulents during the winter months. Check monthly and water only if you see signs of wilting. Other house plants need less water to go along with the reduced sunlight and cooler temperatures they are experiencing. Eliminate fertilizer for the resting plants. Mist or add humidity with pebble trays for plants uncomfortable with dry air that comes with central heating.

Remember to mist your houseplants frequently to make up for low indoor humidity.JPG
Use a deer repellent spray monthly to protect your garden.jpg

Repellents.  It’s time to spray your garden.  Deer and other foragers (large and small) now find less to eat in the woods and fields and return to the buffets we call our gardens.  Animal repellents smell bad to us for only a short time but the vile taste lingers teaching the animal to look elsewhere for food.  Repellents can be applied anytime the temperature is above 40° and should be re-applied every three to four weeks throughout the winter.

Save your ashes. If you have wood fires, ashes should be saved to place around plants that prefer sweet (not acidic) soil, or to place over areas where you have planted spring bulbs. Always leave the ashes in the fireplace or outside on the ground, not the deck or porch, in a metal bucket until they are cold. Do not use the ash from man-made fireplace logs or from a charcoal grill.

Save your wood ashes.jpg
Pruning evergreens now can yield cuttings for holiday arrangements.JPG

Late this month plan to prune your evergreens. The cuttings can be used to make holiday arrangements for the house, fill window boxes or outdoor containers. And don’t be concerned if pine or arborvitae are dropping some of their needles now. This is a normal part of their renewal. All evergreens shed their leaves at some time, just not all at once like deciduous trees.

Plant up bulbs for forcing. Paperwhites need no chilling period, make great Christmas gifts and brighten everyone’s home during the winter months.

Paperwhites are a terrific holiday gift.jpg
Finish planting spring bulbs before the ground freezes.jpg

Finish planting your spring bulbs while they can still begin to set roots.  As you do, photograph the site so you can remember what you planted, and where.