Annual Fall Bulb Sale

Your donation to the Falmouth Garden Club with the purchase of bulbs enhances our Scholarship Fund along with our many other community programs: Educational Outreach, Civic Beautification, Community
Service, Historical Society Memorial Park Gardens, Conservation, Garden Achievement Awards for Homeowners, Meals on Wheels, Historical Society Colonial Gardens, Wicks House Christmas Decorations, Junior Gardeners - Arbor Day, Historical Society Herb Garden, Weekly Library Flowers, Cupola Garden and the window boxes at the bus depot.

A Note About Our Dutch Bulbs

The same professional buyer visits Holland annually to import the absolute finest bulbs certified by both Dutch and American inspectors. You simply won’t find better, larger or higher quality bulbs.



Mount Hood. All white with frilled cup. 15” mid.

15 bulbs for $20

Sunlight sensation.png


Sunlight Sensation. 4 to 5 weeks flowering. 12”

20 bulbs for $25

image (1).png

Miniature Narcissi

Tête Bouclé. Double naturalizing. 10”.

25 bulbs for $20

image (2).png


Yellow Pomponette. Double pom-pom, yellow with crimson edges.
(Darwin hybrid) 22”

25 bulbs for $15

crocus tricolor.jpg


Tricolor. Purple with yellow, white throat. 4”.

50 bulbs for $20

image (4).png


Tête Bouclé. Double naturalizing. 10”.

25 bulbs for $15

image (5).png


Blue Melody. Dark blue. 15”

25 bulbs for $20

Foxtail liyl.png

Eremurus (Foxtail Lily)

Cleopatra. Burnt orange. 3 to 6’. May/June

3 bulbs for $18



- Purple Sensation. 4 to 5” flowers on 30” stem. May/June.

25 bulbs for $20


Erythronium (Dogtooth Violet)

Pagoda. Yellow. 10”. April.

10 bulbs for $20