To encourage the study of and interest in gardening and horticulture; To aid in the protection and conservation of our natural resources; and To assist in the beautification of Falmouth

The Board of

The Falmouth Garden Club


Executive Officers and Committee Chairs



President Robin Ketchum

Co-President Patti Riccardelli

Vice President/Programs Martha Terry

Recording Secretary Heidi DiGiovanni

Treasurer Jan Munier

Asst. Treasurer Esther Johnston

Corresponding Secretary Sue Spears


Awards Martha Terry

Carol Sing Barbara Gauchot

Civic Beautification Patricia Markoff

Conservation and  Legislative Skip McCormack

Facebook Page Editor Thelma Spicer

FHS Holiday Decorating  Colleen Giacomozzi and

Joyce Ludensky

FHS Colonial Garden Sue Rau

FHS Memorial Park Carol Piazza

FHS Butterfly Garden Carol Piazza

FHS Herb Garden Sharon McKinney

Floral Design Workshops Julie DePalma

Garden Achievement Paula Taylor

Jr/Sr Gardeners Katheryn Chasse and

Heidi DiGiovanni

Historian Winnie Fitzpatrick

Horticulture Kathy Tunsley

Hospitality Sally Langlais, Ginny Palmeri and

Kate Jackson

Library Flowers Sue Sargalski

Meals on Wheels Lori Bisbee

Membership Dale Kapp, Esther Johnston, and

Denise Riu

Mentoring Colleen Giacomozzi

News Blasts Heidi DiGiovanni and Judy Salter

Newsletter Judy Salter

Nominating Judy Salter, Kathy Tunsley,

Sharon McKinney, and Katheryn Chasse

Petals & Palettes Judy Coonley

Publicity Rosanne Mili and Suzanne Buzanoski

Scholarship Marianne Monacci

Service Center Donation Sue Spears and

Suzanne Buzanoski

Walsh Rose Garden Gretchen Warren and 

Kathy Tunsley

Website Editor Judy Salter

Yearbook Janice Burton and Jan Munier

Chairs for Committees that fall under

Ways and Means

Bake Sale Martha Terry and Rosanne Mili

Bulb Sale Kathy Tunsley

Holiday Market Martha Terry, Sue Sargalski,

Rosanne Mili, Sharon McKinney


PO Box 487

Falmouth, Massachusetts 02541

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